About MyWorkShop

Unique Designs

MyWorkshop is constantly creating new & innovative designs to brighten up your space.

Quality Materials

We only use the best quality glass, leather and wood to make pieces that will last.

Custom Orders

If you can show us a picture or illustrate an idea, we can custom make it as a one-off piece just for you.

Local is lekker

All pieces are handmade with love in our Cape Town studio.

Seeing Is Believing

Meet The Team.

Well actually just me!

I have a passion for creating things, and love what I do.

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Elizna Meyer-Nye

Design, Manufacture & Marketing

Established InĀ 2013

Beauty lies in all the little imperfections.

Handmade from the heart

I started working with mirror doing mosaics, then studied the technique of stained-glass & lead, and have since followed my ideas to produce a range of designs that are constantly evolving.

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