Origami Birds small



Product Description

Size – 2 x 26cm x 15cm

Border – Mirror can be finished off with silver / copper / black lead, this mirror was finished off with┬áblack

Backing – Super wood with the edges painted black

Hanging – The pair of birds has a small D-hook in the back, you can turn them to change the direction the bird is flying. The nut might loosen, going side to side, just tighten it with you finger or a wrench.

Description – Every design is individually hand cut, sanded down to the desired shape. Washed and foiled, puzzled back to the original design, ready to be finished off with its lead border, coloured, given a backing/hooks, cleaned and packaged. Ready for a beautiful home.

Proudly Hand Made– No design will ever be perfect or look the same

Fragile – Mirror and should always be handled with care


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