Triangle Wall Tiles


Tiles to create your own wall pattern

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Product Description

Size – 27cm x 14cm

Border – Mirror can be finished off with silver / copper / black lead

Backing – Vynil

Hanging – Tiles can be placed on the wall with Prestik until you are happy with the design. Dbl sided tape can be used, as well as dbl sided velcro. You can find it at most hardware stores, dbl sided velcro also allows you to remove the tiles/ turn them to change the design

Description – Every tile is individually hand cut, sanded down to the desired shape. Washed and foiled, ready to be finished off with its lead border, coloured, given a backing and packaged. Ready for your beautiful home

Proudly Hand Made– No design will ever be perfect or look the same

Fragile – Mirror and should always be handled with care